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    Hospital disposables, equipment supply and lab company.

    About Us.

    MARCO-MED is a Central America-based family business group dating back thirty-five years when two dynamic brothers established business in Miami, FL, and Central America. We provide superior resources for hospitals, doctors, laboratories…

    Today, as a group of companies with sales representatives spread out all over Central America, MARCO-MED offers a broad division of specialty hospital products, such as : Pain Management, Anesthesia, Dialysis, X-Ray, Contrast Media, Neurosurgery, Gastro…

    Marketing specialty hospital products involves the continuous training of our sales force so that we may educate potential consumers on the advantages that our line delivers in terms of quality and benefits to their patients and institutions.

    Is our endeavor to deliver only the best-quality hospital products meeting the highest international standards and keep strict control over the quality of each and every product we import and distribute.

    We believe in building long term relationships with partners as well as clients. If you are concerned in the health care or life science environments, we look forward to building a shared beneficial relationship with you.

    Marco Quintanilla M.B.A., M.A.

    About Us