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  • Quality Hospital Products Since 1982

    Our obsession with QUALITY, has made MARCO-MED, what it's today.


    The History of MARCO-MED group dates back to 1982 when Marco and José Quintanilla, the present Chairmans of MARCO-MED E.S. And MARCO-MED USA respectively ventured into this field with a Noble goal of providing “QUALITY HOSPITAL PRODUCTS”, To the Ailing Central American Countries, in a time of social, politics and economic crisis in the region at affordable cost, the group initially entered with Johnson & Johnson ( Ethicon and Ortho Diagnostics Systems). All at a price which befits the common Hospital’s purse.

    Greatly encouraged by the wide acceptance and positive market response, the company expanded its product range to various other more vital segments like Cardiovascular, Neurological, Gastro-Enterological.

    Today MARCO-MED E.S. Group is importing and Distributing over 9 Brands.

    The market of our products have grown remarkably because of the company´s strong infrastructure facilities, family backing, innovative marketing strategies, a sound financial base and above all persistence, our obsession with QUALITY, has made MARCO-MED, what it´s today.